Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Shredder!

Greetings all, I am writing today to show you how to make a really useful tool for those that need to distress and weather their costumes and props. I present to you the shredder! It is a straight forward and no-nonsense tool that is pretty cheap to do.

 Here is what you need:
Cheap modular hole saw (I found mine for $3)
JB weld
Acetone or denatured alcohol

File handle

    photo IMG_20150502_203750.jpg

The first step here is to open it up and degrease everything with the acetone or denatured alcohol. This is an important step as any grease will interfere with the next steps.  photo IMG_20150503_012306.jpg

Next up you will want to unscrew the central drill bit and here is the optional bit. You can either leave it off entirely or turn it around with the twist portion sticking out the back. I opted to turn it around to glue into the file handle, providing a nice grip for heavy use.  photo IMG_20150503_012206.jpg

Take the JB Weld and slather it on the drill bit, filling the handle. Stick the handle in, being sure to wipe away the excess.  photo IMG_20150503_012109.jpg

 photo IMG_20150503_012003.jpg

 Set this aside now and let it cure a while. While you are waiting, take sandpaper to the bottom of the saw blades. Coarse grade paper is fine as it will give the glue a bit of tooth to hold on to for the next step.  photo IMG_20150503_012231.jpg

Slather the slotted handle with JB Weld and slot the blades into the handle. Wipe away any excess glue and let it cure.  photo IMG_20150503_011924.jpg

Next up, using it!

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